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MetNav 2

MetNav 2 is a jQuery Navigation Menu Plugin which is very easy to use and looks good in almost all major browsers & devices. Its very lightweight and very easy to install. Check the JavaScript & HTML code for this plugin. The HTML structure is very simple and the JavaScript function has two options called "shadow" which is the drop shadow of the tile and "activatePlusMinus" which inserts a '+' sign if the menu has sub menu. Both the options can be either true or false and shadow is by default true and activatePlusMinus is by default false. Check top four menu where activatePlusMinus is given false.

Thank you very much for visiting the demo page. If you have any question then mail me at sk_tajbir@outlook.com and I'll be very glad to reply you.


  • Supports unlimited number of sub-menus.
  • Supports responsive design.
  • Looks good in almost all major browsers and devices.
  • Very easy to integrate to any website.
  • Full documentation included.
  • Very lightweight, minified version is only 3kb.
  • Control appearance through CSS, so it can be restyled.
  • Supports touch devices.
  • Free support.

Get this Plugin

This plugin is available for purchase at CodeCanyon.
Click here to go to the product page of CodeCanyon and click on the purchase button to get this product.

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